If I could greet

If I could greet
Each new day
As a woman I desire
Await her arrival
With fire in my veins
Upon her appearance
Take such pleasure
From the light of her smile
The soft swell of her breasts
The flow of her hips
Her grace in motion
Her radiance in stillness
The miraculous accident of her existence
That the simple act of breathing
...would fill me with wonder
I would study her face when she was not looking
I would delight in her smile
And when she looked at me
I would dive into the ocean of her eyes until we reached that moment
Just beyond the edge of comfort but just before the edge of drowning
In which the unknown becomes the known
And mystery dissolves into possibility
I would so thirst to experience her in every way
I would remain oblivious to her fears
Have no interest in comparing her with other days
Would feel no need to reserve any part of myself
For some better day that might come along
Nor doubt in any way that she is all that I want
And all that I need
I would, instead, engage with her entirely
In curiosity
In constant discovery
I would touch her,
I would take her hand
I would brush my lips against some part of her –
Enlivened by the contact of our skin
I would seek and find with fear-threaded anticipation
The opportunity to entwine with her
And would, entwined,
Surrender to our resonance
When it was time for her to go
When it was time for me to lay down my head and rest my body
I would be flooded with thanks for what we’d experienced together
Awash with the bittersweetness of separation
I would be cradled into sleep
By the remnants of the day’s beauty
And my head would fill with exquisite dreams
And my heart would fill with peace
If I could greet each new day as a woman I desire

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